Straightening EZ comb Carbon Heat Resistant

(8 customer reviews)

This comb can be used for the following: Straightening, coloring, cutting, hair treatments, styling and finishing. The Pretty In a Minute straightening comb is effective for moderate or coarse hair to create a smoother hair texture.

8 reviews for Straightening EZ comb Carbon Heat Resistant

  1. Hannah I.

    This has to be the most versatile hair tool that I own.
    It does everything it promises to do and so easily. Everyone should buy this!
    Savannah, GA

  2. Ashley R.

    If you have curly hair, this is the product for you.
    This product alone preserves my curls without damaging them.
    Miami, FL

  3. Gina P.

    Great addition to your heating tools as a stylist.
    Baltimore, MD

  4. Ariana M.

    I can’t live without this!
    Especially with my curly hair, this straightening comb does the trick each time.
    Stamford, CT

  5. Irene G.

    Don’t get caught slipping without this in your kit!
    This is a great product for all hair types.
    Richmond, VA

  6. Brittney O.

    I use this on my clients
    And they are always mentioning how they love the results from this straightening tool. If they’re happy, I’m happy!
    Miami Gardens, FL

  7. Felicia H.

    I love this.
    I’m very happy with my purchase.
    Bowie, MD

  8. proadmin

    Thank for reviewing this product!

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