Wheat Protein May Improve Damaged Hair

Using Pretty in a Minute salon implements like the Keratin 2” Flat Iron on healthy hair will help you achieve a sophisticated look. But if your hair is unhealthy, it’s important to work on improving your hair’s strength before you focus on style.

A new study has found that rinsing your hair with wheat gluten may help rebuild damaged hair from the outside and make it stronger, a discovery that could lead to it being used in an ingredient in shampoos and conditioners.

Broken hair can be caused by overexposure to the sun, as well as overuse of hair straighteners, bleaches or dyes. The broken bonds in the hair’s protein, called keratin, make hair brittle.

But wheat gluten, a protein which is sometimes used as a meat substitute in recipes, has shown potential to be a viable alternative to replace damaged keratin, Science Magazine reported.

Hair care product manufacturers for years have sought a way to replace lost hair protein using products enriched with other animal and plant proteins. But because they must match the pH of hair keratin for a chemical bond to occur, it’s tricky to find the right formulation, scientists said.

Wheat gluten is often available in Asian markets.

Wheat gluten has the potential to replace hair protein from the outside. But how does a lack of protein in your diet affect your hair?

According to WebMD, a severe lack of protein can be a contributing factor to hair loss. Vegetarians and vegans might be susceptible to hair loss, for example, because meat contains not only protein but also Vitamin B, iron and zinc that hair needs to grow.

Protein deficiency can especially be a problem for vegans, who may find it difficult to get enough protein in their everyday diets. Good protein sources for vegans include soy, quinoa, whole wheat bread, broccoli, peanut butter, beans, kale, lentils, and almonds.