Cody Wellington

    Growing up in Southern California, Cody was immersed in the beauty industry from a young age. His days were either spent at the beach or helping in the salon. His passion started early and continues to grow to this day. Since leaving California, he has spent more than eight years working up and down the west coast and Arizona, finally landing in Portland, OR.

    During his time in Arizona, Cody built and managed a high-end luxury salon and spa from the ground up. It quickly became a well-known and thriving business with clients often traveling hundreds of miles for their services.

    As a master stylist, some of Cody’s specialties include color correction, wigs, and extension. His immersive travels and extensive training make him highly skilled at cutting and styling hair of any texture. Furthermore, his work has been featured in magazines.

    Throughout his career, educating and inspiring the next generation of hairdressers has always been his goal. His hope is that with constant growth and learning, he can truly inspire the future of the field.

    “The only thing better than great hair, is seeing the smiles and hearing the stories of the lives that have been touched by your work. I have always wanted to share that love with current and future hairstylists and show them that it’s so much more than hair, it’s about touching lives.”