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COLORLY 2020 Base Series are tri-level based. The three primary color percentages are indicated at the bottom each row.

COLORLY 2020 DESIGNER and INTENSE Shades incorporate modified and intensified pigment bases and weights which cannot be accurately represented in strict percentages and are therefore indicated by D/I.

N – NATURAL – Perfectly balanced to reflect naturally occurring tonal value and deliver maximum gray coverage at any level.

NI – NATURAL INTENSE – The balance of the “N” Series with increased pigment weight and base, formulated to deliver 100% coverage on the most resistant gray or textures.

TN – MEDITERRANEAN – Natural balance enriched with vibrant warmth. Formulated to deliver rich golden browns and warm blondes. The perfect addition for maximum gray coverage in warmer red/gold formulas.

CH – CHOCOLATE – The rich and simply sensuous blend of the most desirable and dimensional chocolate browns. Beautiful alone or as a formula base. Delivers exceptional gray coverage.

CP – CHOCOLATE CHILI PEPPER – The perfect blend of chili pepper red added to the rich CH Chocolate base. Rich in dimension and balance for almost any skin tone. Delivers beautiful dimensional highlights when applied for gray coverage.

C – ASH – Perfectly balanced to deliver natural ash and consistent control against unwanted warmth without creating overly-drab results.

B – BEIGE – True, natural beige without unwanted red or ash undertones. Ideal for classic blondes and delicate control against warmth or soft coverage of gray.

D – GOLD – Brilliant gold, perfectly balanced to deliver vibrant warmth when used alone or rich golden tonal balance when supporting additional series or gray coverage formulation.

R – COPPER RED – Fiery red tones with rich translucent depth and reflection. Perfect to add controlled copper tones for warm based formulations or to add rich but subtle red to gray coverage formulations.

RF, RR – RED FLAME – Fire-breathing red! A beautiful and bold intense red series designed to add a complex fire-like reflection to any formulation or alone as a brilliant signature red.

T – TITIAN – The rich blend of brilliant woven gold and fiery copper preferred by the Renaissance Master. Ideal to create the truest naturally occurring golden-red tones.

V, P, RU – Violet/Irisee – A rich series in reflective Violet, Plum and Ruby reds. Ideal for fashion color or to impart distinct richness and reflection in more subtle formulations.

FM, FA – TUTTI-FRUTTI – The perfect reflection of delicious Tangerine orange-red and Apricot golden-orange tonality.

M – MAHOGANY – Mahogany perfectly blended to rich 4th, 5th and 6th level depth for excellent coverage and reflection.

MB, MR, MP – FLORENTIA – Our rich Mahogany highlighted by the perfect balanced addition of Copper and Plum dimensional tones.

RD – AUTUMN – Rich reds with complex autumn gold undertones in level 4-8.

BD – CLASSICI – Classic 7th and 8th level Beige-blond with a balanced understated gold.

AP, AA, AC – ARCTIC – The perfect 11 Series Nordic Blonds, as soft, rich, cool and pearlescent as the names indicate. Ideal for lift, deposit or stunning soft coverage on gray.

SS – SUPERLIGHT – A full range of exceptional high-lift blondes from delicate warmth to platinum. Maximum lift combined with outstanding tonal refinement while maintaining perfect COLORLY 2020 condition.

MAGIC BLACKS – 1B, 1V, 1C – Daring Black with the deepest reflection of midnight blue, violet or blue-black.

ACCENTUTONES – The three primary color base concentrates and Clear. Ideal to add primary color intensity or to support color correction. “N” Clear Accentutone is a clear non-pigmented base that may be used to adjust color intensity by adding gloss and shine to porous, dull hair.

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4TN, 4RD, 5RD, 6RF, 6TN, 6RU, 7R, 7FA, 7TN, 8TN, 10TN


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