Oscar Hair Styles Will Make You Look Like a Star

Want to look like you just strolled down the runway at the Academy Awards? You can look Pretty in a Minute with these hairstyle trends that Entertainment Tonight spotted at the Oscars.

Short bobs

Margot Robbie, Taraji P. Henson and Saoirse Ronan all wore this simple hairstyle as they walked the red carpet on Sunday night. It’s an easy-to-achieve, low-maintenance look, and your hairstylist can help you decide if it’s right for you. Your stylist can use the Pretty in a Minute 6-Inch Swivel Shears Set (Texture Standard Thumb) or perhaps the Epic Cordless Clipper to achieve this look.

Top knots

Zendaya and Tiffany Haddish wore top-knot up-dos at the celebration of all things Hollywood. Perfect for an elegant night out, the topknot can be worn in several ways. Planning a big night out? Make an appointment with your stylist and he or she can duplicate this look for you.

Effortless waves

Jennifer Lawrence, Salma Hayek and Greta Gerwig all graced the Oscars with variations of wavy hair. To achieve this look, use a curling wand or iron, such as the Pretty in a Minute 3 in 1 Curling Wand Styler, then pump up the volume by spraying your roots with dry shampoo; finish with a spray of hair serum to soften and de-frizz.

Sleek, straight hair with a center part

Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman and Gina Rodriguez kept it simple with straight hair with a center part that did not detract from the beauty of their gowns. Achieve this look by using a flat iron like the Pretty in a Minute 1.25” Classic Flat Iron or 2” Keratin Smart Flat Iron in sections to achieve a super-straight effect, or using the Pretty in a Minute Carbon Heat Resistant Straightening EZ Comb.

You may not be walking the red carpet any time soon, but it doesn’t hurt to look your absolute best, and Pretty in a Minute can help you look like a star.