Even Olympians Want To Look Pretty In A Minute

It might be hard to be Pretty in a Minute when you’re spinning and jumping your way towards an Olympic medal, but in figure skating, an athlete’s appearance adds to the overall beauty of a performance.

When Olympic athletes are competing, millions are watching. And even if their sport has them bundled up and wearing a ski mask, the athletes want to look good on camera when they’re on the podium receiving a medal.

Luckily, athletes at this year’s winter Olympics can go to a salon run by the Pyeongchang Organizing Committee in partnership with Seoul’s Seokyeong University, where students and graduates from give athletes free haircuts, blowouts, manicures, and other services.

Patriotic manicures are especially popular among the athletes.

In the case of figure skaters, however, it turns out that most like to do their own hair and makeup before a performance, Racked reported, even though it can take hours.

And the on-air teams covering the Olympics for NBC also need to look their best, whether they’re bundled in a parka or commentating alongside the ice rink.

Amy Acton of Acton Style Group along with her team members manages the hair, makeup, and wardrobe for the 150 reporters, analysts, and hosts NBC has brought to Pyeongchang. In Korea’s frigid weather, some have even had their water-based makeup freeze on their faces, per Racked.

A team of 15 makeup artists is on-site at each of the two Olympic headquarters — one in the mountains at the International Broadcast Center and one by the studios and rinks in coastal Gangneung.

“If you’re watching [NBC reporters] Rebecca Lowe or Carolyn Manno, we want She said during the Olympics, her team works 12 to 14-hour shifts.

Acton’s company also manages the wardrobes for the on-air talent. Men have an average of six suits each, which totals 150 suits, 250 shirts and 250 ties for the whole staff. Women get about 20 different outfits, one for each on-camera appearance.